Mario van Horrik and Petra DubachIn are
sound artists from the Netherlands.
Their work combines sound, movement and image in all possible combinations.
”Without movement there is no sound and vice versa.
They present installations, concert, performances and
in situ projects world wide and since 1983.

“In 2010 we started our ongoing research project WAVES that deals with all possible forms of feedback: industrial, acoustic, double, interactive, subsonic, and combined feedback: industrial, acoustic, double, interactive, subsonic, and combined feedback.”



is a system where each string is amplified and prepared (small objects are hanging from the strings, like curtain hooks and such). The vibrations of the strings slowly "transport" the objects along the length of the strings. So there is no human interference; the system produces, mixes and changes it's own sounds. We followed the roman catholic mass division: Introïtus, Kyrie, Sanctus, etc.


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has the same setup as “Introïtus” , but now the sound signal of the first string "steers" the second string and vice versa. So the strings are interactive with another. Where the strings interact with each other we titled them famous couples like Adam and Eve, Lennon and McCartney, Charles and Diana.

(Diatrype bullata):

has the 2 strings driven by an external sound source. In this case a mike placed on the alter of the church. The whole system is interactive with the architecture of the church and changes in the sounds are caused by Petra who is slowly moving through the space. We titled them after fungi that specifically are interdependent: they grow on trees or plants and take vitamins out of the plants, but give minerals to the plants. If one of them dies, the other dies as well.


is created by a magnet with a piece of metal that is dancing on the feedbacking strings of a guitar, making a rhythm.Slow movements of Petra around the guitar and the instability of the system give it the character of a minimal music piece. “He” is one of the many nicknames James Joyce made up for one of the characters in Finnegan's Wake,