((Sound Waves About Miami Podcast))

S.W.A.M.P is a monthly podcast that focuses on interviewing musicians from Miami and its neighboring towns who are currently based in New York City and who have ties to noise. It provides a digital archive of the underground//alternative music scene that hails from south Florida and wishes to showcase its idiosyncratic identity within the US.

Each interview is followed by a live set.


MAcula dog

In the seventh episode of S.W.A.M.P. we welcome Macula Dog!

 Macula Dog are an unabashedly strange, arty group from Queens, New York City who make mutated experimental pop which instantly brings to mind the Residents and Devo.

The group refer to themselves as a “four-person electronic duo,” as members Mark Brothers (Mark Matthews) and Bruce Brothers (Ben Mendelewicz) perform with mannequins (Matt Brothers and Ben Brothers) strapped to their backs. Their songs typically feature warped MIDI instrumentation, scrambled vocals, and obtuse arrangements, and they sound just as colorful and messy as their performances and videos.


Treasure teeth

In the sixth episode S.W.A.M.P. we welcome musician Treasure Teeth!

TT (formerly Treasure Teeth) is James McKillop and Barbara Elting, a duo from Miami and London respectively.

TT started in 2010, London. They have since lived in NYC, Miami, and back to NYC again this year. Years of eclectic and off-kilter electronic pop music creations based on a deep care for genre bending and production have resulted in a direction more focused on composition development and openness.


In the fifth episode S.W.A.M.P. we welcome musician Enrique!

Miguel Alvarino, aka Enrique, is among a new breed of musicians that have been popping-up in and around Brooklyn over the past few years.

With his second release he presents to us his own brand of techno by way of his noise roots. Packed with Anxiety tinged bass drums, frenetic instrumentation, and little breathing room, Please Shut The Door reflects Enrique’s mastery of hybridity touching on industrial palettes with the use of proper rave pacing. Enrique, along with Nick Klein, run Primitive Languages, a Bushwick, Brooklyn music commodity distributor and in-house label.



In this episode of S.W.A.M.P. we welcome musician Horoscope!

Horoscope is Rene J Nunez Cabrera from Miami, Florida. For the past several years, Horoscope has been slowly leading those in the know down a path of self discovery and expression.

Nunez Cabrera hypnotizes audiences with a unique brand of cathartic live performances and a slew of releases on labels such as Ascetic House, wharf cat and No Rent Records.With Misogyny Stone, his second LP for Wharf Cat, Nunez Cabrera looks inward and explores his past and place within the world. Though the artist's intent need not be force-fed to the listener -- this is a work that rewards individual interpretation.

Listen towards the end for a very nice ambient set played live by Horoscope himself.



In episode 3 of S.W.A.M.P. we welcome musician Cienfuegos!

Based out of Brooklyn, Alex Suarez is carving out his own unique sound experimenting in the world of raw primordial electronics.

Under the name Cienfuegos, he has prior releases on Brooklyn's Primitive Languages imprint as well as the France's Unknown Precept label-with his new "Lost in God's Country" ep we see him debut on the New York centered Bank Records. Through the four tracks Cienfuegos harkens back to the time of early industrial music, not far off from the early transmissions of SPK or even hinting at sounds akin to E.g. Oblique Graph. Suarez has a knack for developing textures and tension in his music sewing it all together with plodding rhythms and the occasional creeper vocal.

Listen to the end to hear him play a Serge Clone, a custom one-of-a-kind synth made by Matt Regula.