From A to Z and Back Again Jeanette Doyle 4.9.19

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Jeanette Doyle- is a visual artist and a PhD researcher at GradCAM, The Graduate School for Creative Arts and Media, Dublin. Her work encompasses the production of objects both material and temporal along with performance and collaborative projects. In recent years Doyle has been conducting practice-led research into the relationship between the ‘immaterial’ as relates to digital practices through the work of  Jean-François Lyotard  and the ‘dematerialized’ as relates to Conceptual and Post-conceptual practices. Her studio-based practice happens in tandem with more ‘discursive’ and performative projects including 'The Enquiry' ‘The Aesthetics Group’ and ‘the food thing’. From A to Z and Back Again comprises of paintings, treated digital prints, video and text based animation. 

Featuring Other Performative events:

April 10th

The Aesthetics Group
Jeanette Doyle, Cathy O' Carroll, Mick O' Hara, Connell Vaughan

The Enquiry
Jeanette Doyle, Jennie Guy, Emer Lynch, Deborah Madden, Claire Walsh 

The Enquiry is hosted by The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

April 11th

The Food Thing
Mick Wilson

Jeanette Doyle's exhibition and associated events are kindly supported by The Graduate School for Creative Arts (GradCAM) Dublin and Culture Ireland.

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