From A to Z and Back Again Jeanette Doyle 4.9.19

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Jeanette Doyle- is a visual artist and a PhD researcher at GradCAM, The Graduate School for Creative Arts and Media, Dublin. Her work encompasses the production of objects both material and temporal along with performance and collaborative projects. In recent years Doyle has been conducting practice-led research into the relationship between the ‘immaterial’ as relates to digital practices through the work of  Jean-François Lyotard  and the ‘dematerialized’ as relates to Conceptual and Post-conceptual practices. Her studio-based practice happens in tandem with more ‘discursive’ and performative projects including 'The Enquiry' ‘The Aesthetics Group’ and ‘the food thing’. From A to Z and Back Again comprises of paintings, treated digital prints, video and text based animation. 

Photos taken by Alan Burns

Featuring Other Performative events:

April 10th:

The Aesthetics Group
Jeanette Doyle, Cathy O' Carroll, Mick O' Hara, Connell Vaughan

The Aesthetics Group have, over the last number of years, focused on the development of ‘pedagogical performance’ - exploring the potential of performance as a vehicle for mobilising philosophic and artistic languages and forms as research. At the AC Institute they will present ‘Making a list: From a to z and Back Again’ as a response to Jeanette Doyle’s exhibition.

Through the engagement of performance strategies theoretical research has been worked into a collaboratively authored, performance script that takes the form of a list. Through the performance process conditions of development, presentation and reception are subtlety altered, allowing new forms of interaction with the material to emerge. The work resonates through the dual lenses of critical theory and performance, allowing a critical and playful reflection on Doyle’s work in the context the contemporary artistic sublime.

The Enquiry
In response to and in conjunction with
Jeanette Doyle’s: From a to z and back Again
Jeanette Doyle, Jennie Guy, Emer Lynch, Deborah Madden, Claire Walsh 

The Enquiry, a collective of five curators, artists and writers based in Dublin, Ireland, will host an event at the AC Institute on the 10th of April 2019, presenting a selection of artworks to be played, screened, spoken and illuminated in turn as part of Jeanette Doyle’s solo exhibition ‘‘From a to z and Back Again’. Group members Jeanette Doyle, Emer Lynch, Deborah Madden, Claire Walsh and Jennie Guy will present sound, performance, sculpture and spoken word by a number of contemporary artists over the course of a 30-minute event.

Photos taken by Alan Burns

Through research and live events, The Enquiry explore ideas of ‘immateriality’ and ‘dematerialization’ related to art practice and exhibition making. Imagery of volcanic eruptions in Doyle’s video ‘Rough’, showing at the AC Institute prompted the group to think about smoke, gas, vapour, and the immaterial and material properties of atmospheres. Thoughts and ideas may in themselves seem solid and tangible, stretching into the atmospheric, emitting and transmitting; a gaseous sense of things.

The 30-minute event formed in response to Doyle’s work and The Enquiry’s ongoing interest in philosopher Jean François Lyotard’s exploration of the sublime within nuance and timbre. For example in the perceived similarities/differences between the same musical note played on a flute vs a violin, or the same colour painted with pastels vs watercolour paints.

The Enquiry is hosted by The Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.

April 12th

The Food Thing: A Sampler Menu
On going project by: Mick Wilson

The foodthing is a collaborative research project exploring foodways and the politics of the everyday. This event combines a simple meal, where guests are asked to share food, with an informal presentation of ideas from this ongoing work. Guests are asked to consider some examples of how questions of food and questions of political imagination cross connect in the daily encounter at the table. The purpose of the event is to provide a sample of ideas from the foodthing project.

Photos taken by Alan Burns

On the sampler menu: “From the flatbread earth”, a first course on eating and universalism; “From your hand to my mouth”, a second course on feeding and mutuality; “From the recipe salon”, a third course where guests are asked to tell of a favourite recipe;
“From the court of judgement”, a course of tasting chocolate. 
Interspersed with the taster menu courses are some short presentations

Jeanette Doyle's exhibition and associated events are kindly supported by The Graduate School for Creative Arts and Media (GradCAM) Dublin and Culture Ireland.

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