Holly Crawford & Hrag Vartanian on:
”Decolonial Curation”

Hrag Vartanian, the founder and editor of Hyperallergic that is an online art magazine that he started 9 years ago and now has a very large following. We sat down in a conversation for approximately one-hour in the late spring. What I wanted to talk about was what he meant by decolonial curating. He has described himself on Hyperallergic as a decolonial curator. I’m particularly interested in institutions in art and art history. I have a Ph.D. in Art History and Theory. I founded and run a small non-profit for experimental art in NYC. That’s where we started. We had never meet. We had followed each other on different social media. What followed was an abstract on Hyperallergic that I proposed for the AICA International conference. My abstract was accepted, and I will be delivering my paper in Taipei in November 2018, that paper will be published by AICA as part of their proceedings. 

I edited this recorded transcript. Hmm and repetitions have been deleted. - Holly Crawford

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