Dolphins vs Robots-Lee Wells 3.1.19

dolphins-vs-robots-cover-overlay1 copy.jpg

Dolphins vs Robots
An immersive cinematic experience
The irrational relational aesthetics of everything and nothing

Wells in his first New York solo exhibition since 2011 presents an immersive cinematic experience. Dolphins vs Robots is a science fiction faerie tale that investigates the absurdity of contemporary life and how wired culture navigates the digital Charybdis through personal home robotics in a neo-situationist waltz. Wells repurposes iRobot’s Roomba Create and consumer electronics into multiple roving video projection units. This psychogeographical experiment attempts in a playful way to assist the viewer to locate themselves within the space. The dolphins and robots become a psychological metaphor for humanities intuitive (spiritual) and analytical (mental) understanding to better analyze the world around us.

Lee Wells is a conceptual artist, independent curator and writer working in New York since 2000. His artwork and projects question systems of power and control and have been exhibited internationally, including the 51st Venice Biennale, 2nd Moscow Biennial, The Guggenheim Museum, NCCA Moscow, PS1/MoMA, and the 1st Mykonos Biennale. He has lectured on art, technology, and contemporary society at many schools and universities including: Columbia University, Princeton University, New York University, Carnegie Mellon University, School of Visual Arts, Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Moscow School of Photography, and others.  His projects and exhibitions have been reviewed, publications include: The New York Times, The NY Observer, The Art Newspaper, Rolling Stone, Brooklyn Rail, and Art in America. Wells was a co-founder of Imperfect Fluids Arts Collective, the video art archive Perpetual Art Machine, and curator at large for Scope Art Fairs prior to reigniting IFAC Arts in November 2013.