Come to AC Institute and get a fresh start on your artistic exploration by destroying your artwork at our, Deconstruction Night. On Sep 27th come and be part of our destructive art show. Join in the tradition of great artists such as John Baldessari, Agnes Martin and many others who destroy their own work for a multitude of reasons.

We will be hosting artists as they destroy a piece of their own art work on camera. If you would like to participate please read the following:

-RSVP by emailing luke@acinstitute.org and submit a picture of the piece of artwork you would like to destroy.

-The artwork can be anything you want, just as long as its destruction will not be hazardous to yourself or others. NO breaking glass, NO combustible material, and NO Burning artwork.

*If you can’t make it to the show send us a video of you destroying your work in your studio and we will play it during the opening. Send all videos to: luke@acinstitute.org