Living Organism:
Cecilia Biagini & Aimée Niemann

We would like to create an installation that is both aural and visual.

Based on a series of improvisations, we will develop movement sequences and noises that will exist to create the ecosystem of our immersive environment.

As spiders webbing over existing webs, we will build up our surroundings with tape, saran wrap, thread, and violins. It will be a sticky and woven landscape of man made materials, that morph into organic matter.

Sounds will be influenced and born out of the movements and shapes we create and vice versa. Shadows and glimmering reflections will intensify the nature and drama of the landscape. While working in our “garden” we will live in a nonsensical ritual.  Microphones will pick up the sounds of our bodies, instruments, and our materials. The interplay between acoustic and amplified noises will create a hum that surrounds our audience and draws them into our ecosystem.