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Until March 22nd

an immersive cinematic experience
by the conceptual artist
Lee Wells

an immersive multimedia work combining original folk songs, storytelling, and
projected archival images
Featuring: Julian Saporiti, Hamilton Berry, Emilia Halvorsen

What we have been up to:


AC Books

We design and publish unique, object-like books concerning contemporary art history and criticism.


No Philosopher King

Classicists professor records a year of critical thinking and the ensuing conversations, examining our everyday lives under the Trump administration, so that we may responsibly affect the future.

7 Days

Each chapter presents a personal account of the contributor’s intimacy with art—and the disillusionment, poignancy and success that comes with it during a week.

Essaying essays

This anthology provides unique insights into major movements of the 1970’s with essays by over one hundred now legendary artists including Duchamp, Baldessari, Kostelanetz, Cage, Reinhardt, Serra, Oldenberg, Nauman, and many others.